As a creative, I am always looking for new ways to push the boundaries of my work. There are many ways one can push the limits of their creative, for example, experimenting with variations of a medium. It is an exciting time for creatives because technology is providing us with more flexibility to create. 

However, relying on technology to push the boundaries of what is possible can become very expensive. Photography involves capturing light, and one of the best ways to make better images is to modify light. Traditionally, modifying light in a studio setting required the use of large studio strobes or other expensive light sources. 

The Colorspike excites me as both a creative and a marketer. It excites me because it is an affordable option that can produce results similar to that of gels mounted on studio strobes. This is significant because it has the potential to lower production costs. The Colorspike is not only a more affordable option but a more portable one as well. The increased portability of the Colorspike compared to other light sources allows creatives to experiment in the environments they have access to, and ways they never have before.